Episode 3: Williams – Plaisance Ranch & Rosellas Winery

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Discover what goes on behind the scenes of a beautiful ranch dating back to the 1800’s. Get a glimpse of the delicious taste of the unique blend, as well as dessert wines available at Rosellas Winery.
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Locations Visited

Plaisance Ranch
16955 Water Gap Rd, Williams, OR 97544

Plaisance Ranch has been a working ranch since 1858. It is located in the heart of the Williams Valley, in the shadow of Greyback Mountain. The Ginet family has a rich history in the ranching and vineyard business that spans over hundreds of years and across two continents. For many generations, our family has been growing grapes and cattle and producing grapevines among the mountains of Savoie in eastern France. Today, they continue this tradition in Southern Oregon.

Rosellas Winery
184 Missouri Flat Rd, Grants Pass, OR 97527

At this winery, they only produce 800 cases of wine annually and provide an unparalleled selection of wines with something to satisfy every palate, from notable single varietals to unique blends, as well as dessert wines. Whether you are reflecting on your experiences in other wine regions or reside in the Applegate Valley, Or, their goal is for you to regard Rosella’s Vineyard and Winery as the most memorable winery you have experienced and welcome our brand into your lifestyle.

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