Episode 2: Ashland – Morning Glory, Ashland Airport, Caldera

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In this episode of All Across Oregon , We are going to visit a landmark Breakfast restaurant with some of the best breakfast dishes in Ashland. Then we take to the air with the owner of an aviation company and see what really happens at a private airport. After that, we take a look into the heart of a local family run brewery . You’ll see first hand what goes into making your favorite brew.
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Locations Visited

Morning Glory Breakfast
1149 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland, OR 97520

Whether you dine outdoors on their beautiful garden patio or in the whimsically painted dining room, you will find that Morning Glory is truly a celebration of the first meal of the day.

Ashland Airport
403 Dead Indian Memorial Rd, Ashland, OR

Bob Skinner is a seasoned pilot and manager of The Ashland Airport. He will guide us through a modern pilot’s checklist and fly us to Crater Lake and back before you can say “Bob’s your uncle!” The US west coast has become infamous for its seasonal wildfires, and Bob will share with us what part he plays in protecting local communities from such disasters.

Caldera Brewery
590 Clover Ln, Ashland, OR 97520

Jim Mills is the owner of Caldera Brewery. Fred, a co-brewer, will introduce us to the people behind the scenes at the brewery and restaurant and let us discover what it takes to brew beer with passion and precision.

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